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Body Training
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Aerobic Step
Bfit Extreme
Body Toning Exercise
Boxing Fit
Combat Fitness
Fat Buster
Fatburn Warrior
FBX (New)
Free Step
Free Step (1 Hour)
Free Step (50 Mins)
Functional Training
HIIT Training
HIIT Training (50 Mins)
Kickbox Campus
Multi Step
Multi Step (1 Hour)
Multiple Change Step
Power Kickbox
Power Toning
Power Toning & Step
Power Toning (50 Mins)
Step Choreography
Step Choreography Part 1
Step Choreography Part 2
Summer Fit Xtreme
Tabata Max
Therapy (Xtreme) Exe
Tone Up
Toning x HIIT
Xtreme Step
- All -
Belly Dance with Veil
Belly Fitness
Belly Jam Fitness
Body Groove
Bollywood (New)
Bollywood Freestyle
Bollywood Jazz
Bollywood Masti Fit
Choreography Class
Contemporary Jazz
Dance (Cardio) Fitness
Dance Basic
Dance Body Fitness
Dance Choreography
Dance Mashup
Dance Medley
Egyptian Belly Dance
Elaine Belly Fitness
Fit Dance
Fitness Mix
Freestyle Dance
Freestyle Dance Routine
Freestyle Hip Hop
Funky Fit
Funky Jazz Style
Girls Style (Shot)
Girls Style Hip Hop (Shot)
Hip Hop Choreography
India Mashup
Jazz Fusion
Jazz TWC
K-Pop Cover
K-Pop Fusion Jazz Dance
K-Pop Girly
Kick Dance Fitness
Latino Dance Jam
Latino Salsa
Modern (Fusion) Belly Dance
Modern Bollywood
MTV Girls Style
New Style (Workshop)
Pop Jazz
Pop Up Style
Ritmo Latino
Sexy Jazz Funk
Shape Up Body Fit
Slim Dance
Stage Dance
Street Jazz
Train Up BD
Train Up Bollywood
Train Up Girl's Hip Hop
Train Up Hip Hop
Train Up Hip Hop Jazz
Train Up K-Pop
Train Up Western
Train Up Western (Funky)
Urban Hip Hop
Urban Mix
Western (Choreo)
Western Dance Routine
Xtreme Dance Fit
Zumba Blast
Zumba Extreme
Zumba Fit
Zumba Jam
Zumba Mashup
Zumba Rhythm
Zumba Step
- All -
Spin Fat Burner (50 Mins)
Spinning Extreme
Zone Spinning
Zone Spinning (50 Mins)
Yoga, Tai-Chi & Stretch
- All -
A Journey into Yin Yoga
Arm & Leg Balance 1hr
Arm Balances Training with Block
Ashtanga Detox
Back Bend & Inversion
Back Bend & Inversion(1Hr)
Back Bend & Stretching
Backcare Yoga
Balance & Harmony
Beginner Power Yoga
Beginner Yin Yoga
Core Pilates
Creative Yoga Flow
Detox Yoga
Detox Yoga (1 Hour)
Dharma Yoga Self Realisation
Dynamic Flow
Empowering Vinyasa Flow
Energizing Yoga
Flow With Basic Inversions
Focus Yoga
Freestyle Fitness Yoga
Gentle Vinyasa
Gentle Vitalising Hatha Yoga
Hatha Flow
Hatha Raja Yoga
Hatha Vinyasa & Asana Techniques
Hatha Yoga for Flexibility (1 Hour)
Hatha Yoga Training Level One
Hatha Yoga Training Level Two
Hatha Yoga Training Level Two (1 Hour)
Hatha Yoga Training Session
Hatha Yoga Training Session (1 Hour)
Healthy Back
Hip & Back Opening Flow
Hip Opening & Hamstrings
Hip Opening and Twisting
Inversion & Handstand
Mindful Yoga for Strengthen
Mindful Yoga for Stretch
Mindful Yoga for Stretch (1 Hour)
Neck & Back Therapy
Pilates (New)
POP Pilates X New
POP Pilates Xtreme
Power Yoga Training Session
Power Yoga Training Session (1 Hour)
Prana Flow
Queenie's Style Yoga
Relaxing Yoga Stretch with Block
Restorative Yin Yoga
Sam's Style Yoga
Shoulder & Chest Opening
Sivananda Intensive Sadhana
Sivananda Intensive Sadhana (1 Hour)
Stiff Back & Leg Flow
Stretch & Release
Stretch Movement
Stretching & Balancing
Therapeutic Yoga
Therapy Stretch
Total Body Stretch
Total Body Workout
Universal Yoga-Stretch
Vinyasa Gentle Flow
Yang Flow
Yin Yang Flow
Yin Yang for Inner Balance
Yin Yang Yoga for Stress Relief
Yin Yang Yoga with Step
Yin Yoga for Deep Stretch
Yin Yoga for Hip Opening
Yin Yoga for Shoulder & Hip
Yintensive Yoga Stretch with Block
Yintensive Yoga Stretch with Step
Yoga Alignment
Yoga Alignment & Basics Sequence
Yoga Alignment Training
Yoga Cardio (Workshop)
Yoga Challenge
Yoga Core & Back Bending
Yoga Core & Flexibility
Yoga Core & Inversion
Yoga Dynamic
Yoga Fitness
Yoga Fitness Xtreme (1 Hour)
Yoga Flow (Body Opening)
Yoga for Healthy Back
Yoga Foundation Class-Sivananda Flow
Yoga Practice from the Inside Out
Yoga Practicum
Yoga Stretch & Therapy
Yoga Stretch & Therapy (1 Hour)
Yoga Therapy for Back & Shoulders
Yoga Therapy for Knee Pain
Yoga Therapy-Muscles & Joints
Yoga Wheel Dynamic
Yoga Wheel Training
Yoga-Balance (1 Hour)